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Once again, I want to say how truly sorry I am for the long wait. I really wished I could have updated while I was away but I didn’t have the time (or the wifi) but here’s the next chapter to AAO and hope it doesn’t disappoint! In case you forgot about what happened previously - you can read the other chapters here :)

Against All Odds

Chapter Eight

Selena couldn’t suppress the giggle that escaped her lips that were having trouble finding the straw attached to her margarita. It was close to five in the evening and Justin and Selena hadn’t found themselves still in the bar but no longer on those uncomfortable stools. Instead they moved to a secluded booth by the back entrance. They were borderline wasted acting like a couple of teenagers with the way she would circle his calf with her foot or he would lean over the table to whisper in her ear. The brunette had officially lost sight of reality and didn’t seem to care.

“You’re so damn hot,” Justin muttered with a shake of his head as he kept his eyes glued on hers. He enjoyed the way she would blush at his compliments – it made her seem so innocent. Something he didn’t think he’d like but he was mistaken at least when it came to Selena.

“You’re not so bad yourself,” she teased as she sipped the rest of her tasteful drink and then pouted. “I need another one.”

Justin smirked in response as he waved the nearby waiter over and ordered two shots. His eyes danced with amusement at the way Selena grinned in delight after the man nodded and walked away to fetch their drinks. Even though they were the same age - mid-twenties she still had the appeal of all pureness and he was completely drawn to her.

“Why are you staring at me like that for?” She asked feeling like she was fidgeting under his intense scrutiny.

The blonde’s eyebrows pulled together, “I’m not staring.”

“You’re totally staring.”

He shrugged his shoulders and chuckled. “Okay maybe a little.”

Selena’s smile only stretched at that as her brown doe eyes met his and she was quiet for a moment before she said, “I’ve missed that sound.”

“What sound?”

“Your laugh,” she answered. At that moment the young man returned and handed the duo each their own glass. She thanked him before she glanced back at Justin who was watching her with curiosity in his eyes and his mouth slightly open as if he was going to say something but he didn’t so instead she continued, “I haven’t heard it in a while.”

He couldn’t help but blurt out his own question, “Why not?”

She dug her teeth down into her lower lip and her eyes fell shut for a brief moment. Immediately Justin wished he could take back his inquiry since it seemed like it wasn’t something she wanted to discuss. It was true; Selena felt the familiar pang in her stomach thinking about how if they never met there would have been no fight in the club. Those two guys wouldn’t have taunted him about her which was the reason he got riled up. He would have still been living his dream as a successful basketball player instead of moping around their house in a wheel chair.

 “It’s not important,” her voice was barely a whisper. She didn’t have the heart to tell him the truth since he’d probably think of her differently.

He let that subject drop and tried to ease the tension by giving her a rare genuine smile, “Tell me about your life – our life.”

Selena’s breath hitched since she hadn’t expected that. Her mind filled with millions of memories of the two of them through their marriage and the hurt she had been feeling a few seconds prior disappeared and was replaced by bliss.

“You really want to know?” she asked.

He nodded, “I want to know everything.”

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